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Black Sea Region Tour

 Black Sea Region (Karadeniz) 

The Black Sea region is situated in the north of Turkey. According to Turks, it is the most beautiful and green region of the country. It owes its beauty to its rainy climate; it rains during four seasons. And this is the only region of Turkey that is subject to high precipitations throughout the year. Thus, it is a very green region rich in water. Its dominant vegetation is forest. Forests extend up to a height of 2000 meters above sea level. In the forested part up to 1200 meters, there are deciduous trees such as oak, beech, chestnut and plane trees. In high altitudes, there are conifers such as fir, pine and spruce trees. The average January temperature is 6-7 °C while that of July is 21-23 °C. The fact that its climate is mild makes it a favorite resort for holidaymakers.

In summer, this area attracts many foreign and Turkish tourists who want to escape the heat and humidity of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions; they come and pass their summer holidays in the high plateaus of the Black Sea region which are covered with clouds almost always, and receive huge amounts of rain. These plateaus are very attractive thanks to their rich flora and fauna, forests, mountains, rivers, crater lakes, waterfalls; and also thanks to their sports facilities such as rafting, canoeing, winter sports, fishing, hunting, etc. 

The Kaçkar Mountains: a mountain range that goes along the eastern coast of the Black Sea. The Kaçkars have many peaks reaching in some places an altitude of more than 3500 m; the highest point is Kaçkar Kavrun Mount. This area was declared a national park in 1994. A large part of the national park is within the boundaries of Çamlıhemşin, a district of Rize. Tourism activities in the park are: hiking, camping, rafting and alpinism. The Kaçkars are one of the best trekking sites in Turkey. There are also high plateaus (the most important one is Ayder), gorges, waterfalls, forests, rocks, rivers and glacial lakes (one of the most beautiful lakes is Çaymakçur).

Ayder: A summer resort which is situated at an altitude of 1250 m and a distance of 18 km in southeast of Çamlıhemşin. Covered with dense pine forests and having a number of waterfalls, it was declared a "Tourism Center" in 1987. It is like a paradise with its flower fields, waterfalls, highland homes, therapeutic hot springs, and hill slopes covered with pine trees.  Ayder is also famous for its honey made from various flowers. There are many hotels and thermal springs facilities which attract domestic as well as foreign tourists during the summer months. They profit from the healing effects of the underground water whose temperature is 55 °C, and which turned out to be good for rheumatic, internal, gynecological, and skin diseases.