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Bursa Tour

Located in northwestern Anatolia within the Marmara Region, Bursa is the administrative center of Bursa Province. It is one of the largest (the fourth largest) and most developed cities in Turkey. Bursa is the center of the Turkish automotive industry, and there are many factories: Fiat, Renault, etc. There are also many shopping centers, parks, gardens, museums, churches, and bazaars in the region.
Bursa is also known for its natural and historical beauties. The presence of many historical monuments belonging to the first Ottoman period is due to fact that it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. A lot of mosques and complexes, caravanserais (inns), castles, tombs, and bridges go back to that period. The tombs (türbe) of the first six Ottoman sultans are in Bursa.
There are many thermal resorts in Bursa. The most known are:

Çekirge Thermal Spring: Its thermal waters are used by all the hotels in Çekirge. The alkaline bicarbonate waters of this hot spring are used in the treatment of diabetes, rheumatism, aching muscles, blood clots, gout and metabolic disorders. 

Bademli Bahçe Thermal Spring
: Situated in the neighborhood of Çekirge, it consists of 7 springs. The Kükürtlü Hotel and the baths of Yeni Kaplıca, as well as those of Kaynarca and Karamustafapaşa, are connected to this spring. Their water, sulphurous and radioactive, are said to be good for chronic infections and peripheral circulation, in addition of the above-mentioned effects of Çekirge Thermal Spring. The waters can be used in bathing and drinking.
Dümbüldek Thermal Spring: Located in Akarca, a village of Mustafakemalpaşa district, this spring is being operated by the municipality. Its thermal waters are very effective in the treatment of aches and pains. As they favor the peripheral circulation, they reduce wrinkling of the skin. These waters are also drinkable, being good for liver, stomach, intestine, pancreas and gall bladder disorders.

Gemlik (Terme) Thermal Spring
: Situated in the south of Gemlik, on the road to Umurbey village, it consists of a 68-bed hotel, a pool, and a restaurant. The thermal waters are good for rheumatism, neurasthenia, nephritis, neuralgia, mental fatigue and cardiovascular diseases.